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The Spiritual Warfare Series: More Than Enough

The Spiritual Warfare Series: More Than Enough

| The Crowning Jewels

As believers, we are called to live a life of faith. In addition, we are to partner with God in bringing heaven to earth. However, we live in a fallen world and the spiritual battlefield is real. The powers of light and darkness are at war and we have a role to play in seeing the Kingdom of God come on earth. It is time to stand up and fight. As believers, we have been given authority from God to release heaven on earth. It’s time for us to align with heaven’s blueprint for this time and war with our prayers and declarations. The Bible tells us that our prayers commission angels to carry out God’s plans. Therefore, pray!! 

Our Spiritual Warfare Series is a collection of blogs to remind you of your spiritual authority and the truth of God’s Word. In addition, we’ve designed jewelry around these themes. Read these blogs and wear these pieces as a reminder to pray and partner with Heaven. It’s time to stand up and fight for truth, for righteousness, and for justice. 

More Than Enough

“God has the power to provide you with more than enough of every kind of grace.”
2 Corinthians 9.8

In everyday life, it’s easy to get bogged down with bills, to-do’s, and other everyday life demands. Often, we can feel like there’s not enough. Not enough time. Not enough energy. Not enough money. Simply…not enough. In moments where it feels like you’re getting squeezed for more than you’re able to give, what do you do? 

First, come back to the truth of who God is. 

God is the God of more than enough! So, it's time for you to access the fact that He has more than enough of whatever it is you feel like you’re lacking. He is the God of provision. He can meet your every need–physical, emotional, financial, and relational. He is the God of more than enough. 

Second, come back to gratitude. 

Thankfulness increases your ability to see the abundance that’s already surrounding you. Gratitude also connects us to the heart of God–because when we’re thankful, we’re focusing on what we already have and what God has already done instead of focusing on what we lack. 

Third, step into generosity.

Generosity is often thought of as something that comes from overflow. We’re generous because we have so much to give. However, when we give when we’re feeling like we’re in lack, we’re prophesying over our lives that “God is bringing more.” Plus, God is a generous God. So when we’re generous, we’re behaving like our Father. 

To recap: if you’ve been facing feelings of lack or overwhelm, then it’s time to invite God into these areas of your life. Ask Him to give you eyes to see His provision. As you focus on how He’s already provided, doors will open for abundant provision to enter your life. And when you’re faced with feelings of lack, partner with the opposite and be generous! 

God is a Good Father. 


God, thank you that You are an abundant God and a wonderful provider. Thank you for meeting all of my needs–physical, emotional, financial, and relational. Thank you that before I even ask, You’ve already provided an answer. 

I repent for doubting your goodness and your provision and I invite abundance into every area of my life. Lord, teach me partner with you and receive the abundance that is available to me. You are not limited by the state of the world or my bank account. You are the God of more than enough and I trust You. Thank you for the ways You’ve already provided for me over and over again. Give me eyes to see what You’ve already done and may I live with outrageous generosity. 


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