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New Life | June Monthly Blog

New Life | June Monthly Blog

Written By Anne Ballard | May 31, 2019
In the month of June, God is restoring new life to the places of your life that have experienced loss and devastation. Healthy community is highlighted, and authenticity and vulnerability are coming together to deepen your relationships and make room for new ones. Truth is being revealed to those that are hungry enough to seek it out and find it, though it may not have come through the vessels you would have expected. Watch for pieces of the puzzle that is your life-calling and purpose come together.  Revelation is being released that will make it feel like God is connecting the dots.
Promise Of Life | May Monthly Blog

Promise Of Life | May Monthly Blog

Written By Anne Ballard | Apr 30, 2019
In the month of May, God is releasing His favor to open seemingly impossible doors. However, if you find that your circumstances are appearing opposite to what you know He has promised, it will be important to remember that He has a sovereign plan to move His hand on your behalf, even if it doesn't look like what anyone could have expected in the process. God is also opening wombs right now, and declaring His promise of life over those of you who have been given bad reports regarding your fertility. Continue to stand on His promises in spite of your experience.


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