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From Fear To Love | April Monthly Prophetic Blog

From Fear To Love | April Monthly Prophetic Blog

Written By Anne Ballard | Mar 31, 2019
In April, there is a shift happening, moving us from fear of those who are different than we are into the loving embrace of unity. From the firm foundation of God's radical love, you will meet Him and others in a profound way. Authenticity and surrender to the One who created you will open your heart to feel fully known, and taking action to co-labor with Him may be the step of faith you've needed to experience breakthrough. Trust-filled generosity is again highlighted, & God has promised to reward your choice to give to those who need it.
Stake My Claim | March Prophetic Blog

Stake My Claim | March Prophetic Blog

Written By Anne Ballard | Feb 28, 2019
In March, there is a special grace to gain ground in the areas that you are called to. Financial shifts will unexpectedly make things easier, so hold expectancy in your heart for God to provide for you in new ways. It is important this month to look to the needs of those around you with compassion, and your generosity will bless both you and others. In the quiet place of God’s presence you will find revelation and rest, and peace will come as you deliberately choose to slow down, unplug, and simply be.


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