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I Am Light | January Monthly Prophetic Blog

I Am Light | January Monthly Prophetic Blog

Written By Anne Ballard | Dec 31, 2018
In January, God is bringing the timing of your life into divine alignment. Things that have been held up and delayed are coming to you, and God is inviting you to be joyfully present in your current moment. He is giving you specific revelation to make good choices, but after you make a decision it will be important to stand in faith without doubt. He is also giving you fresh vision to see what exceedingly great things are possible when you have faith. This will be a month of repayment, so expect to see what the enemy has stolen from you be restored many times over. In all situations, focus on Jesus’s words that you are light to the world, and watch as God solidifies your identity so that you are not derailed by negative emotions or circumstances.
Seeds of Purpose | Dec Monthly Prophetic Blog

Seeds of Purpose | Dec Monthly Prophetic Blog

Written By Anne Ballard | Nov 30, 2018

This December, God is preparing you for your destiny and purpose. He is giving you keys of faith to enable you to see all of the options before you,  and He is helping you to take the necessary steps forward. He is also revealing brand new outlets for the gifts, talents, and ideas in your life. Get ready to increase your stewardship as you partner with His creative ideas! This month, laughter is unlocking your purpose as you rest in the knowledge that it’s easy for God to open the right doors for what He’s created you to do.



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