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I was disappointed there wasn’t an expecting a prophetic word included for my BFF’s 55 birthday! I had even included her name with the order.

Beautiful piece; meaningful!

Lovely gift. Recipient was blown away

Heaven Inspired Isana Bracelet - Gold

I love it!

Thank you so much! It was definitely what I needed to hear in this season. The Lord definitely spoke this word to y’all for me and also for the others that I purchased for! Thank you again for doing what yall do! It’s valuable!

I must say, while I love the concept the jewelry did not represent the quality of the cost. I was excited to receive the necklace but disappointed by the lack of quality. I will not be purchasing additional items.

We know God is good all the time! We know He is speaking to us always. and still, we were blown away with our Crowning Jewels pieces. Words from heaven that not only went straight to our hearts but on our wrists too. And we wear them in awe. In wonder. In assurance that our God inclines His ears and annoints those with ears to hear. Thank you Crowning Jewels for listening and blessing us with these "crowning jewels" from heaven. Truly.

Beautiful and Meaningful

This was exactly what I had in mind for my dear sister as she starts her cancer journey.

So encouraging and spot on!

This was a birthday gift for a friend. She said she could not have gotten a better gift ever. She felt seen and encouraged by the Lord. Thank you Crowning Jewels for this amazing gift for my friend!

Simple Yet Stunning

These are a fun pair of earrings. The perfect size for every day. The charm matched the word. The hearts are artful and stylish. You won't be disappointed if you're an earring gal.

Beautiful Piece

I have ordered several different pieces from The Crowning Jewels and I love this one too! The simple style and design makes it easy to pair, and the the prophetic word was beautiful. I would totally purchase this again for a friend or family member. Maybe even myself.

Loved This Bracelet!

I gave this as a gift and I was a little worried about the size of the bracelet, but it was perfect! I loved it so much, that I ordered one for myself. The style is lovely and the Prophetic Word that came with it was perfect. Spoke right to my heart what I needed to hear and was confirmation.

So perfect!

This necklace was perfect for my daughter. So loved the prayer and encouraging note included with it.

Esther Ebenezer
Kirin Jones

I gifted this to my beautiful pastor and she wears it often. She is an Esther in this generation and it truly fits her so well!

Simply Beautiful

I love how versatile it is, perfect for both office outfits and casual jeans. It's great that it's personally made which adds a special touch to the necklace. I feel like I’m wearing a prayer around my neck every day.


I always love my crowning jewel purchases- this bracelet is very large (I should have read measurements) and slid off so I did have to have a jeweler make it smaller. I ordered three pieces and all needed adjustment. You may want to check measurements on this piece before ordering.


I bought 3 journals for friends and they all loved them! The prophetic word brought comfort to them all. I love Crowning Jewels. Each gift I have ordered has with the prophetic word has been so encouraging l.

Game changer

Bought for my sister going through some life & spiritual struggles and you could not have given her a more perfect message or word to rally around. I've seen a lightness in her being and a more genuine smile on her face. Already bought another one for a friend. You'll be my go-to gift choice!


I bought it as a birthday gift for a friend. And she absolutely loved it. Her word was perfect for her and what she had been praying for.

So encouraged!!

The words were right on target with what my friends were going through! They felt seen and loved by God through them!

Spot on!

I ordered the Heaven Inspired Bethany Necklace for a friend and I am very happy with the necklace and the word that came with the card. It was exactly what she needed to hear in this season of her life. I love that each jewelry is unique, special, and brings life to each person who is lucky to get one. Thank you so much!


Ever since I’ve gotten my necklace & word I’ve seen that message everywhere! God is really confirming the word I was given with my beautiful necklace. I even saw it on my vitamin jar!! He’s unstoppable! I highly recommend the heaven inspired jewelry!

Too big

Such a beautiful bracelet but I had to take it to a local jewelry shop to get it sized down. I’m not a tiny person but it fell off my wrist. Maybe you could make them a wee bit smaller.

Love it all!

Every order is so beautiful and spot on. I will order from here again and again.