Worthy and Enough Long Necklace

Do you know that you are worthy and enough, just as you are? 

In a world that constantly tells you're not enough and that worthiness is something you have to earn, God's truth about you is your anchor. He calls you worthy & enough because of who you are to Him. Your authenticity and vulnerability are powerful forces that will shape the culture around you. Your courage to be real instead of strive for perfection will be an example to many.

The Worthy & Enough necklace reminds you that you are champion who fights for what she believes in (antler) and leaves a powerful legacy (crest). You don't have to choose whether you are fearless or kind; you get to be both. With God, you are unlimited. 

Declare that you will have the courage to fully be yourself, regardless of what people may think. You are worthy and enough, fearless and kind.

Words and charms on this necklace:

  • Antler - Fighting for what is yours, champion
  • "worthy & enough"
  • Rhinestone - Authenticity & Vulnerability
  • "fearless & kind"
  • Crest - Legacy, Heritage
  • Hexagon - Safety in vulnerability 

Want to know the meaning behind each charm? Click here for more information. 


  • Chain measures 32 inches with a 3 inch drop
  • Chain is gold-plated
  • Includes The Crowning Jewels logo tag with the word 'hope' on the other side
  • This piece is hand-made
  • Comes with a 3x3 insert with declarations that you can put somewhere to remind you that you are worthy and enough



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