Heaven Inspired Bangle

What is God saying to you right now? 

This Heaven Inspired bangle is one of our most popular jewelry pieces! Hundreds of people have received a prophetic piece like this that deeply touched their heart and marked their personal journey with God. 

This bracelet is a custom, one-of-a-kind piece that's inspired by God's specific promises for you. We invite Holy Spirit to give us the words and charms that perfectly fit you and design your piece based on that. 

Be moved by how deeply God knows you. This Heaven Inspired bangle presents a beautiful opportunity to allow God to reveal His heart through a keepsake piece of jewelry.

How it works:

  1. Select how many elements (charms and words) you want on your necklace (options: 3, 5 or 7)
  2. Pick you favorite bangle color (options: gold or silver)
  3. Fill in your name or the name of the person who you'll give the bangle to. (just a name in this section please)
  4. Submit your order
  5. We will pray for you or who you are purchasing this for and ask God what He is saying in this season.
  6. Our designers create a custom piece based on what we've heard from God.
  7. You receive a prophetic, one-of-a-kind bangle including a hand-written, encouraging card explaining your words and themes.
  8.  Wear the bangle as a daily reminder of how God sees you, and what He is promising to you this season! 


    • Measures about 8 1/4 inches around
    • The bangle is either gold or silver-plated 
    • Includes 'The Crowning Jewels' logo tag with the word 'hope' on the other side
    • Includes a handwritten card


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