Seen & Known Tema Necklace

Do you want a daily reminder of how God sees you? Or do you want to let someone know how beautiful she is to you? 

Jesus can't take His eyes off of you! He sees every part of you, and calls you beautiful. When shame or insecurity knocks at your door, you need to be reminded of how God thinks about you. When you anchor your heart in this truth, the lies don't stand a chance.

You don't have to shrink back, you can stand tall in who you are in God. When you're feeling like you don't matter, this necklace reminds you that He calls you a mighty warrior. You are more powerful than you know! You are fully known by Him, there's nothing that's insignificant about you. He has paid the highest price for your liberty. Wear this piece to declare that you will live as a free woman who's not held back by anything anymore!  

Words on this reversible necklace

  • "Beautiful", "unashamed", "seen"
  • "Free", "known", "mighty"


  • Necklace measures 18 inches 
  • Silver-plated chain, gold-plated tag 
  • Hand-made 
  • This necklace is reversible, so you can pick what side to wear as the front each day.
  • Comes with a 3x3 insert with powerful truth statements about who you are as a woman. Put this insert somewhere you can see it daily to be reminded of how God sees you!  



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