August "The Joy of the Journey" 5-Charm Necklace

In August, God is calling you into an awareness of the season that you’re in. It may be that your season has shifted and that you now need to explore the adjustments that need to be made to thrive in your new season. God is revealing His heart for marriage this month, and deeper intimacy, fresh appreciation, and renewed commitments between husbands and wives will be the result. In the middle of our past and present failures, God is speaking about the things He wants us to learn, and how we can grow from the mistakes we’ve made. He is changing our perspectives from seeing failure as an obstacle to an opportunity. This month, laughter will be your medicine as you cast off your heaviness and embrace the joy of the Lord. In the areas that you have been crying out for answers, you are being invited to diligently pursue and hold fast to the truth. Truth is key right now, and meditation on the truth will help you to conquer anything that would stand in your way. 

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Wear this double-strand necklace as a declaration that you are embracing the new season that you are finding yourself in. Thankful for every opportunity, even the ones that began as failures, you laugh without fear of the future and rejoice in the days that are coming. In the areas that you still await answers, you are choosing to fight for what you believe in from the place the victory that has already been won. Remind yourself each day that you are a woman rooted and grounded in truth, no matter what lies may swirl around you.

Meanings of the charms and words on this necklace:

  • leaf (new season)
  • "thankful"
  • "opportunity"
  • antler (fighting for what is yours, champion)
  • chrysanthemum (truth)

    Want to read more about our charm meanings? Click here for our full meanings list.


    • Necklace has two chains measuring 32" (outside) and 22" (inside)
    • Silver-plated chain
    • All components are gold- or silver-plated
    • This piece is handmade
    • Includes The Crowning Jewels brand logo tag with the word "hope" on the back 
    • Comes with a 3x3 insert of faith-filled truths to declare over your month
    • This is a limited edition piece, only available for purchase in the month of August

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