Meghan Simmons

In June of 2016 I gave birth to my firstborn, a little boy my husband and I named Gabriel. When he was 4 months old I suddenly developed numerous hard to avoid food allergies and asthma. I've been battling with fear ever since: fear that my allergies would worsen with another pregnancy (despite knowing I'm called to be a mother)

Cherie Spehar

Dear Crowning Jewels - I am writing now after a few days of sitting with my Prophetic necklace to tell you about the impact it has had upon me. I want to tell you that the anointing you have and the way you hear Holy Spirit is incredible. At first, upon opening the package, the words on the envelope did not stir me...

Peggy Sweeney

Several years ago I had a spiritual fall from which the Lord has graciously, patiently, and powerfully been healing me, redeeming and restoring me. I'm emotionally and spiritually healthier than I have ever been. My husband and I were recently asked to share our story with our church family of about 1500 members...

Mona Rowling

I just wanted to say "Oh my Gosh" I received my beautiful necklace and was stunned at the accuracy of the Word I received. I had been to Bethel that week where I was given some of the same words, new season, revelation and authority. The mind boggler was the Arise and Warrior words... 


Hello You!

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