Hope Is Never Lost Thick Leather Cuff

Are you choosing to fiercely believe that hope is never lost?

Is hope your anthem in this season?

Even when your circumstances don't seem to line up, or when the outcome of a situation isn't what you expected, let this leather cuff be an encouragement that your hope is never wasted. Your brave choice to keep hoping will be rewarded.

God promises that putting your hope in Him will never put you to shame. He has promised to work everything together for your good. Now, declare boldly to the world that hope is never lost, and let others take courage from what you've fought to believe.

Wear this leather cuff as a constant declaration that no matter how the circumstances may appear, hope is never lost.

Words on this cuff:

"hope is never lost"


  • Leather color is tan
  • Gold-plated circular tag
  • Made by hand
  • Diameter of cuff is 2.75 inches
  • Cuff has two sizing snaps
  • Comes with a 3x3 printout of faith-filled declarations you can speak over yourself. Hang this beautiful print somewhere to remind yourself of God’s truth!

$40.50  $54.00

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