December Postcard

In the month of December, God is placing the lonely in families and giving mothers and fathers to those who need them. There is a grace to make room for what’s coming, even through the act of letting go of physical things, and we believe that God is meeting you as you let go. Though many have been oppressed by the lie that their needs are unimportant or not allowed, God is redeeming those legitimate human needs - physical, spiritual, and emotional - and opening our eyes to how to meet them in a healthy way. Right now, life-altering transitions are being met with the grace you need to accept where you are and move forward. God wants to remind you, this month and always, that He is your unceasing Protector, watching over you day and night and filling you with peace.

This postcard is a constant reminder that God is God of family and grace. Place it on your mirror, on the visor in your car, or send it to a friend! We believe that words of faith create worlds, and can't wait to hear what these words create within and around you. 

Read the full blog on what we believe God is doing in the month of December by clicking here. 

Postcard: 4x6


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