Rahab Ebenezer

What's your Promised Land? 

When you need faith for your promises, be inspired by how God redeemed Rahab's story. Like her, you're not only forgiven, you are invited to dwell in the Promised Land! 

Rahab was known for her mistakes and scandal, but she is remembered as a woman who left a powerful legacy. Because she acknowledged the God of Israel and risked her life to save two Israeli men, she saw the redemptive power of God transform her life and her family. Like her, you will receive redemption that releases you into your destiny and will leave a powerful legacy. 

This necklace daily declares over you you are invited to dwell in the Promised Land. No matter your past or your current circumstances, you can never be disqualified from God's promises for you.

Read Rahab's Blog here

Words on this necklace:
"She dwelled in the promise land," (Joshua 6:25 paraphrased)


  • Chain measures 32 inches with approximate 1.5 inch drop
  • Chain is silver-plated
  • Made by hand
  • Includes The Crowning Jewels logo tag, reversible with the word "hope" on one side
  • Comes with a 3x3 printout of calligraphy verse and description. Hang this beautiful print somewhere to remind yourself of God’s thoughts towards you!


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