Chosen For This Generation

Written By The Crowning Jewels | Oct 05, 2017

Several years ago I had a spiritual fall from which the Lord has graciously, patiently, and powerfully been healing me, redeeming and restoring me. I'm emotionally and spiritually healthier than I have ever been. My husband and I were recently asked to share our story with our church family of about 1500 members. When I asked the Lord if there was anything He wanted me to "give up" in order to prepare for the opportunity, I instead heard Him instruct me to wear my Esther necklace every day the week leading up to the event as a reminder of who and Whose I am and that I have been chosen for this generation to bring glory to God through the telling of my story. Wearing the necklace has been a physical reminder of a spiritual reality. Thank you for making meaningful jewelry!

Peggy Sweeney

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