Written By Anne Ballard | Jun 29, 2016

I am a curious person by nature, always trying to figure things out.  My entire life my favorite question has always been ‘Why?’ As a young girl I remember sitting with my Daddy and asking him endless questions.  I looked to him for answers to how things worked, why things happened, and where things came from.  Most of the time he would patiently answer me, but when he would get tired his answer transformed into ‘A little birdie told me.’  It would frustrate me to not know the real answer. 

Later in life, as my relationship with my heavenly Father grew in intimacy, I began to understand more of the meaning of the verse ‘It is the glory of God to conceal things, and the glory of kings is to search things out’ Proverbs 25.2.  With a core belief that God is good, we can see that God does not hide thingsus, but us.  Relationship is all about intimacy and God wants us to press into Him for our answers.  He is the source of all truth, and He is wisdom incarnate. 

God has been using keys to speak to many people.  To us the key represents authority and revelation, but during this time, we realize that it also represents something more.  This is a glorious time to be alive, and I want to highlight seven things that I feel that God is unlocking right now. 

1) God is revealing mysteries.  God’s ways are not our ways, and His thoughts are not our thoughts.  Revelation comes through relationship, and He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.  We must learn to be OK with the unknown, by trusting in the One who holds us.  This is a special season for revelation.  Watch for it to come to you in unusual ways, through unexpected people and unconventional circumstances.  Seek and you will find. 

2) God is unlocking dreams.  He has placed dreams and desires inside of each of us.  There are people (I was one of them) that have lived in a culture that did not understand this, and so they did not experience freedom to engage with the dreams in their hearts. I grew up believing that dreams were a luxury, and we must live in the world of the necessary and ‘shoulds.’ I now understand that God wants to partner with us so that our dreams can come true.  There is freedom and grace now to connect with the untapped dreams within you.  He is giving you keys to make them happen right now.  He is also unveiling dreams right now that you didn’t even known dwelled in your heart.  Make a dream list and see what doors open.  He longs to partner with you in making them happen.

3) God is restoring hope.  God is a restorer and all hope lives within Him.  There is an army of people who have lost hope through disappointment, loss and waiting on promises to be fulfilled.  He is breathing a fresh wind of hope, life, and restoration into every circumstance.  He longs for you to know that He has not forgotten the promise He made, He has not turned a blind eye to your disappointment and loss.  He sees your pain and meets you there.  Comfort, refreshing and hope are here for you.  Allow Him to meet you in your disappointment and pain and restore your hope. 

4) God is releasing abundance.  Our God is not a God of ‘just enough’ and He longs to more than simply provide for us.  He is a loving Father with more than enough to just meet our needs, but rather He longs to give us more than we could ask or think.  An abundant life is one that is full of life in every realm: family, health, relationships, and work.  Abundance is not like winning the lottery, for it takes wisdom, grace and diligence to steward and manage it well.  He wants to see the righteous prosper.  Look around you and see whom He is blessing right now with promotion, prosperity and abundance and sow into what God is already doing. You will be blessed. 

5) God is releasing faith for the impossible.  Radical faith yields radical results.  We know that it is impossible to please God without faith, so I encourage you to examine what you’re putting your faith in.  Is your faith in your own effort or ability, is it in your circumstances, is it in your job, or your bank account?  Radical faith is being released right now to believe for the impossible: healing, restored relationships, radical breakthrough, promised children, delayed marriages, and all things lost.  Tap into the radical faith right now available to accomplish what has seemed impossible in your own life.

6) God is releasing breakthrough.  Many of you have been contending for promises, dreams, desires and prayers that you have been praying for years.  Breakthrough is coming.  There is a wave of answers that has been building with each of your contending prayers.  Breakthrough is here.  Watch as it unfolds in your own life. 

7) God is releasing grace for big changes.  There is transformation and transition happening at a global level and a very personal level right now.  There is grace for it all.  Our God is a God of process.  He births transformation, and for transformation to happen, change must occur.  Major changes are occurring right now, and there is tremendous grace for them.  They will be easier than you think, and afterwards you will look back and wonder how it all was accomplished.  Grab onto the grace. 

We love to partner with what God is doing on the earth.  We designed the #Unlocked collection to do just that.  We believe that this collection of jewelry captures the heart of what God is doing in hearts, and lives everywhere.  We have released some of the collection now, but look for the whole collection to be released on July 5th.  Make an agreement with heaven by declaring one of these keys in your own life.  If this blessed you in any way, please share. 

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