Surrendered: The Presence & Embracing Process

Written By Anne Ballard | Feb 01, 2017

Bespoke Inspired: Februaury 2017

February carries significant keys to and momentum for your future.  Taking time to slow down and listen will bear much fruit.  Embrace your process, for God’s grace to get through it is lifting you up during this time. 

(represented by the feather)

Just as Moses made a bold declaration ‘Not without your presence’ (paraphrased, Exodus 33.15) may we too be unrelenting in our pursuit of communion with the author of life.  Choosing to make the Presence of God a priority, and a guiding force in our life doesn’t always make sense when we apply logic and experience with what practical living entails.  It comes at a cost, as anything worth having does. When things seem the most crazy, chaotic and scary, that is usually the time we think we can afford the time the least, but it’s actually when we need to pause the most.  Moses’ unwillingness to compromise on this caused God to move.  When we can make spending time with God a priority, we can’t help but be changed.  We become like the thing that we worship.  It comes as a sacrifice, choosing to make the one you love your top priority, but it is worth it, and the fruit of your time spent with Him will accomplish more than you ever could through striving.  Choosing to be led by the Presence of God is one of the keys to guarding your heart, and to knowing true and lasting peace. 

- (represented by the lock)

Our heart is the doorway through which we filter the world.  Whether we are facing offense, heartache, pain or joy, hope and goodness.  It is all filtered through our heart; that most delicate part of us that remains sensitive to all things.  We have the great privilege as believers to deliberately choose to focus on the subject matter of heaven.  Philippians 4.8 tells us ‘Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy-meditate on these things.’ When we choose to focus on the good, that is what we attract, and what we cultivate in our own life.  The opposite is also true.  One of the easiest ways of doing this is having a high value for the Presence of God.  Spending time with him recalibrates our heart to a place of purity, wonder, and joy.  And only goodness flows from there. 

-(represented by the butterfly)

Working through our stuff is challenging, stretching and can be painful, but ultimately it leads to breakthrough and transformation.  2017 is a year of landmark breakthrough, and what is required is working through our process.  When we embrace process, acknowledging that we are not perfect, we invite the blessing of heaven, and connection with others who have admitted they are learning, growing, and changing.  The truth is that life is never about ‘arriving,’ but is sweetly glorious when we allow the journey to change us, to mold us, to form us into a better version of ourselves.  When we submit our process to God, and welcome Him in, we add momentum, and the grace of heaven to our work.  We are never alone, and our Father is our biggest cheerleader, and the One who sees, knows and believes in our truest potential and best version of ourselves.  ‘No ear has heard, no eye seen, a God like you who works for those who wait for him.’ Isaiah 64.4He is working with us on our behalf, when we submit to his divine purpose for our life.  I guarantee you that it’s better and more breathtakingly glorious than anything we could come up with on our own. 

We were never intended to carry the weight of the bigness of life on our own.  When we trust Jesus, we learn that ‘[His] yoke is easy and [His] burden is light,’ (Matthew 11.30).  Sometimes that looks like letting go of control.  Sometimes it looks like giving him our grief, and sometimes it looks like laying the desires of our heart at his feet.  He treasures all that we entrust Him with, and sometimes we just need a reminder to let go and lay it all down.  He’s better at navigating the concerns of life than we are, and He knows what he’s doing.  Whatever it is, He’s got it.  He has promised us that He’s working on our behalf.

The reward of seeking the Presence of God above all else is increase, abundance and blessing.  It looks like yielding a harvest on seed that you’ve sown.  Or an Ephesians 3.20 answer to a secret prayer that we’ve prayed.  It could be a divine setup or a great idea.  It could be that the winds of heaven have shifted and the time is now.  Or it could be a sweet whisper to your heart that reminds you that He’s present, and He’s heard you.  For whatever we give to Him, has a great  return on investment. 

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Written by Anne E. Ballard

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